Catherine Johnson

I'm Catherine,

an interaction & experience designer.

With a background in psychology, education, food and research, I work to make people's lives better - from designing large systems to the smallest, delightful interactions.

I’ve worked with teachers at BloomBoard, helped older adults through GTRI, and led industry innovation projects with Method.

I'm currently completing my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction focused in Psychology & Industrial Design.

I'll be ready for my next challenge in May 2017. Let's talk.

I sketch, craft & dabble in code to create unique product experiences.

I started as a designer for educational enterprise tools. Recently, I've tackled projects from augmented reality navigation to universally accessible transportation, an interactive children's storybook, and UX/UI design for the military. I'm currently working to create tools that help designers be more creative.


Design Sprint

A personal design sprint to help teachers learn their students' names



Redesigning Uber to accommodate diverse passenger needs


AR Navigation

Exploring augmented reality as an alternative navigation tool



Designing tools to support teacher professional development

I like to help people & solve problems.

A researcher at heart, I love to understand people and make things to help them. Design allows me to be curious, to solve hard problems, to dispel worries and elicit joy. My diverse experience is my strength and I find every design challenge is an opportunity to learn something new.

In my work, I'm always looking to the future. Our world today falls short in many ways - from the basic needs of those with arthritis, to educational opportunities and physical accessibility.

That's a future I hope to change and I believe design is the difference.

I'm a scuba diving
DIY-addict who really
likes to hike & sleep.

After hours at the computer, I recharge best when I'm away from technology. You'll find me in the kitchen exploring new recipes or around the corner hiding from my Bengal cat. I could spend all day on a diveboat in the middle of the ocean. And if you can't get in touch with me, I'm probably dancing in the desert somewhere.

Let's chat.

I'd love to talk about future opportunities or new projects. I'm in Atlanta until May and heading home to San Francisco in August.

You can find me on LinkedIn or send me an email.